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DSS Valves

Premium Performance Knife Gate Valves
• 100% American made in Niles, Michigan
• Zero leakage bi-directional shut-off in pulp, slurry, ash and powder applications
• 150#, 300# and 600# Class available
• Fully flanged body available in a variety of materials
• Double Block and Bleed Design available
• Stocked Locally in Birmingham, Alabama

A-T Controls - TRIAC Controls

Carbon, Stainless Steel and Alloy 20 Ball Valves in Two-way and Multi-port Configurations. API 6D Trunnion mounted Ball Valves. Resilient seated and High-performance Butterfly Valves.
• Same day delivery of manual valves through 8”
• Pyramidal stem seal design
• Wide variety of seat materials including metal seats with class V shut-off
• Vee ball and segmented valves for control

AEGIS Flow Technologies

• Teflon-lined Butterfly, Ball, Diaphragm, Plug, Check, Globe Control and Vee Ball Valves
• In-line Process and Reactor Sampling Valves, Teflon-lined and stainless steel wafer body styles and accessories
• Instrument Bleed Ring Assemblies/Valves for the safe isolation of instrument transmitters and safety release valves
• Teflon-lined Pipe and Fittings, Isostatically molded fittings. Lined-pipe, accessories and expansion joints
• Hazardous Service Process Ball Valves for Chlorine/Phosgene Service, LF2/Alloy 20 body with hastelloy C trim, Extended bonnet design, bi-directional self-relieving seats, Available from inventory for same day shipment
• Composite Body Butterfly and Diaphragm Valves
• Rising Stem Teflon-lined Control Valves for precise rangeability, All accessories including digital positioners

BSM Valves

Alloy Ball, Gate, Globe, Check and DBB Valves
• Manufactured from bar or forgings
• Fast-Track Manufacturing
• All materials available from carbon steel to zirconium
• All products manufactured to customer’s specifications

Hy-Grade Valve Inc

Superior Designed Check Valves from Carbon Steel to Zirconium
• Engineered check valves 100% American made in Fairhope, AL
• Unique design utilizes one-piece flapper and shaft for reliable, repeatable service
• Retainerless patented design, lugged, wafer, buttweld, 150# - 4500#


• Additional fourth offset virtually eliminates seat wear
• Bi-directional shut-off in steam, condensate, hot oil and many other difficult/high temperature applications
• Lugged, wafer, double-flanged, buttweld and ANSI B16.10 gate valve body styles

Volk Flow Controls, Inc.

• Power Generation, V1 High-pressure ball valve for boiler feed water, steam, vents/drains, Pressure seal-bolted bonnet gate, globe, and check valves, Forged Chrome alloy products, F22, F91, Inconel
• Oil and Gas Production, API6D/6A Trunnion mounted ball valves, LNG Cryogenic ball valves, 2-Piece floating ball valves
• Severe service and specials, Metal seated floating ball valves, Exotic alloys, 347SS, Hastelloy, Titanium

TMC - Tretter Manufacturing Company

• Body Seal and Plunger Seal Designs
• Custom manufactured in Pennsylvania
• Valves designed to eliminate dead space in a tank or vessel in powder/slurry applications
• Available in a wide variety of configurations and materials

Line Blinds
• Custom designed line blinds designed to customer requirements

FluoroSeal Inc.

Sleeve-lined and Teflon-lined Plug Valves Including 3-Way and Multi-port Valves
• EZ Seal single point stem adjustment system
• Investment cast body design with locked-in Teflon sleeve and liner
• Available in a wide variety of body materials for quick delivery


Double Eccentric Valves
• Improved sealing performance due to its double offset design and sealing element on disc
• Fabrication expands material and design customization options, reduces weight
• Available in sizes from 4” - 136” with a range of options, including hard rubber lining


• Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves – 150# through 2500# in RF, RTJ and Buttweld End connections
• Forged Steel Gate, Gobe and Check Valves – 150# through 2500# in various end connections
• Stocked in Southeast for Quick Delivery

Crane Energy Flow Solutions

• Cast and stainless steel gate, globe and check valves
• Quick-ship inventory located in Cullman, Alabama


High Performance Butterfly Valves and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Center Line

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves


Piston Type Globe Valves
• Zero leakage in steam, condensate and heat transfer fluids
• Carbon and stainless steel, 1/2” through 8”, 150# or 300# RF, 800# NPT, SW, BW

Anthis Enterprises, Inc.

Anthis Valve Enterprises, Inc. is a full service valve maintenance facility that provides MRO(maintenance, repair, overhaul) and modification services including the following:
• Valve Modifications (trim, end connection, cryogenic extensions)
• Valve Testing (hydrostatic, nitrogen, dye penetrant)
• Valve Remanufacturing

Rotork Fluid Systems - Remote Control

Complete Line of Pneumatic, Electric and Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
• Modern scotch yoke and rack and pinion designs, guaranteed to two million cycles
• Stainless steel actuators available
• OEM provider of ASCO, TopWorx, Westlock, Versa and Siemens/Moore switches and accessories
• Integral manual override available

A-T Controls, Inc.

Universal Selection of Actuation Products and Accessories
• Large inventory of actuators, valves, limit switches, solenoids and other accessories for quick-ship automated packages

Westlock Controls

Westlock Valve Monitoring & Control Products
• Intellis® network solutions – Icot® Westlock family of positioners
• Quantum® control monitors – AccuTrak® rotary & linear valve monitors


A Complete Product Offering of Pneumatic, Electropneumatic and Digital Positioners
• Analog and smart positioners with Hart protocol capability
• Extensive inventory of product and bracketry for quick shipment

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